Free TON is building its tokenomics

by Michael Kabanov

Free TON community continues to perform AMA sessions and this time we spoke with the found of Ipe-lab Ruben Pombuhchan, Ron Millow business development director of TON Labs and Ivan Kotelnikov – one of Free TON active community members. The conversation was about the upcoming plans and how blockchain can move economics from centralized to being decentralized.

Hype times are over. Free TON is working and needs coordinated efforts from everybody involved – validators, developers, referrals – because each and every one can contribute and receive tokens for their work. The trust to the native token can be achieved through project that work on blockchain, strong partners and use-cases that show the scale of the movement.

Mr. Millow says that there are already 13 cases in the pipeline that can bring millions of users overnight. But the launch of them is only available when total decentralization is reach – 300+ validators are up and running in the mainnet. Validators in mainnet have to pass KYC procedures to prove that they’re real people/companies and not affiliated wшер each other.

Another distinguishing feature of Free TON – no investors are invited via the usual model of presentations, personal meeting etc. There is no need of them in a project like this – blockchain is not positioned as a product. The technology is on the pedestal and it’s up to developers, businesses and people how to use, enjoy, integrate and make money on it.

Global goal – to build free internet.
For full version of the conversation, please, follow this link

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