Free TON Place – go and draw something beautiful

by Michael Kabanov

In August 2005, Alex Tew, a student of Wilshire university, launched a website to collect money to pay his education bills – The Million Dollar Homepage. Site was just a grid of 1000 x 1000 pixels and each and everyone could place his image or logo with a link to his site paying a small amount of USD per pixel. In less than 6 months all million pixels have been sold what brought Alex around 1 million US dollars. We can assume that it was more than enough to pay for education, some money was still there to buy candies.

There were numerous clones of the original website after that and many of those projects were based on tokens of different networks. Free TON is no exception (again) as a site called Free TON Place was launched earlier today. It’s an interactive drawing board where anyone can draw a picture, write a text or place his project’s  logo paying 0.0002 TON per each pixel used.

There are some distinguishing features as well – as Free TON is a decentralized network and limitations go against its core principles, you can write and draw whatever you like as well as do it over someone else’s drawings. You can say that it’s anarchy! Well, time will tell, time will tell.

Meanwhile, go and grab your mouse and draw something nice to make everybody around you smile.

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Anatoliy Mishkin 17.10.2020 - 17:37

Cover illustration is awesome! Great idea!

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