Free TON SDK 1.0.0 – please, jump aboard

by Michael Kabanov

The previous SDK update to 0.26.0 took place on 3rd of September included the support of signingBox interface in JS-client what offers connection to blockchain without usage of private key as well as a method for generating Surf / tonos-cli compatible keys from seed phrase was included together with the documentation on both updates.

But the main news in that update was that it was the last update of v0 SDK, the next update will move the SDK to 1.0.0 version. And the time has come!

From now on the development of version 0 of SDK is stopped, all the developers are welcome to switch to the updated version. The full list of differences in v0 and v1, features and migration manual is available by this link.

The better SDK the project has, the easier it is for any developer to jump in and start coding a project or service he wants to bring to the network. Thus, developing the SDK is one of the many essential thing that should be done first of all. We totally support the developers and wish all the best for their work!


Игорь Кравченко 17.10.2020 - 20:16

TEst comment

Игорь Кравченко 17.10.2020 - 20:23

Everything is ok

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