FreeTON DeFi Subgovernance proposal submitted

by Michael Kabanov

Anyone who is in crypto – deep or not – have heard about the hype around DeFi. The volumes in DeFi projects are killing any ideas about exchanges – centralised or not. Free TON community operates on the top of the blade of hot news and hi-end technologies and follows all the updates on development of DeFi ecosystems and there is a special chat for those who follow the white rabbit – TON DeFi.

Meanwhile, on Free TON forum a proposal has been posted to create a Free TON DeFi Subgovernance with one and only goal – to adopt this financial paradigm to Free TON blockchain what will help developers in this field to use the network easily and effectively while producing their DeFi solutions.

Despite very high competition in this field, authors of the proposal are death-serious about attracting top-notch DeFi gurus, security specialists, partners, testers and a vast number of community members to support and evolve their ideas and concepts in creation all the necessary tools for the ecosystem. The migration of products and projects from Ethereum and other blockchains will be yet another step towards decentralization and mass adoption.

We will keep you posted on all the news around DeFi at Free TON. If you want to play an active role in the movement, please, join the chat and share your ideas, thoughts and expertise.

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