Governance 1.2 – updates and improvements

by Michael Kabanov

Yet another update happened to governance – the new smart contracts have been delivered to the jury, thus, they can start voting for all the works submitted in 5 different branding contests. Stickers, animated stickers, GIFs, mems and social media design – huge load of works in each category, we wish the jury patience and good taste to pick the best.

Some changes can be noticed on front-end of the governance interface. Recently, the submitted works became hidden – they are shown after the submission is over. So, the indication of proper submission is just a link to your forum post. This update has been offered by the community after branding contests – some unfair participants used concepts and ideas of early works in their submission which were added later. Of course, such behavior is out of any boundaries and can ruin creative contests totally.

For those who are interested in the news about Governance 2.0 interface, we’re happy to share a link to the sandbox of the alpha version. You can test it for: creation of a proposal, contest proposal, add your submissions and vote. The interface is still work in progress, thus, if you have time and ability to test it, the devs are happy for any feedback. After all, it will be us all who will be using it – the better we test it, the sooner decentralization and mass adoption come. Go for it!

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