I just called to say I love you

by Michael Kabanov

What mass adoption really means is that a token can be used by everybody in their day-to-day life easily and with no pain. That’s the key and if delivered – a huge success is there. And we’re happy to inform our readers about a nice service that was launched today in Free TON.

@FreeTON2MobileBot offers Telegram users with some TONs in their wallet to top-up their mobile account with native token of Free TON. At this point the bot is in a tight development process this is why its services are only available in Russia only and the process of adding balance to your mobile is manual by bot operator. The developer behind the bot, who asked to keep his anonymity, told us that he is planning to broaden the geography and make it world-wide and to automate all the processes.

Fun fact – the idea of having such a bot popped up in one of the community chats during the discussion what services could be easy to create and use daily. One of the members of the discussion had experience in Telegram bots and decided to try his skills with a solution of how tokens could be used to top-up mobile balance.

This example shows (once again!) that Free TON is completely driven by community – ideas rise up, someone grabs them and offer solutions for everyone to use. The results of collective work can be really groundbreaking. And they will definitely lead to mass adoption of which we all dream of. Join now and be a part of the future!

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