PokerTON – fair play

by Michael Kabanov

Many people continue to struggle with usage of blockchain technology both online and offline. One of the segments where blockchain and token use is on the rise is gambling. Roulettes, one-handed bandits, minesweepers of different sorts attract more and more people daily. Token go as a merry-go-round from hands to hands ensuring mass adoption.

Playing cards are considered an oasis of fair play as the casino doesn’t care who wins or loses – it just takes its percent from the staked money keeping the game within the rules,

All that matters – the number of players online and the amount of tokens on the table.

Free TON is not an exception as poker tournaments are carried out with TON prizes for a long while now in PokerTON, playing tables of which are built on solutions by Poker Server. Registration and token control is organised via Telegram bot – so, if you want to be anonymous there is no problem with that.

In addition to tournaments, the players can play with each other picking tables and stakes of their liking. Casino wins as long as you’re playing the game, don’t forget it when the night comes and some time for disturb sleep is still available.


Anatoliy Mishkin 17.10.2020 - 17:43

Gambling is one of the driving factors in blockchain – can attract lots of people. Give us more!

Игорь Кравченко 17.10.2020 - 20:28


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