Submitting your work in Free TON contests – step-by-step manual

by Michael Kabanov

We’re receiving numerous requests from our readers for a complete manual on submitting contests works to the governance interface. So, we have decided to compile all available information and our experience and share with you.

Step #1. Register and account at

Step #2. Fill in your information and sign the Declaration of Decentralization.

Step #3. Install Surf and ask a friend to send you 1 TON to activate it. And don’t forget – Surf is not just yet another crypto wallet!

These three preliminary steps are essential preparations to take part in any contests held by Free TON community. Now we can move to submitting our work in a specific contest we choose.

Step #4. Login to the forum and go to the ‘active contests’ section. Read the instructions and requirements carefully – your submission should meet all of them not to lose any points on the voting stage.

Step #5. Reply in the corresponding thread on the forum, add a short description of your work and some visuals if available, Telegram username – in case the jury wants to clarify on something. Post and copy post link – it will be needed on the next stage.

Step #6. Go to the governance website and find the contests you’re submitting your work to, click ‘add submission’ button.

Step #7. Now you should be very careful – not to mess things up. Paste a copied link to your forum post into a corresponding field. Pay attention that there is part of the link already binded in the form, thus, you need to delete that part from your link. Copy your Surf wallet address which you obtained when registering in Surf. TON Surf address can be left blank – it’s optional. Upload your work in PDF format and place a check mark that youэму signed the Declaration. And click submit.

Step #8. You’ve completed the submission of your work, open some champaign (though, you haven’t won yet).

Another important notice: it is recommended to add your contact details (forum name and TG username) into the PDF with your work and a link to the full-size preview of your design work or GitHub link for the code.

Current interface setup hides your submission PDF until the submissions are open, you can see only the number and a link to your post on the forum. All submissions become visible after the end of the submission time-frame.

The interface is constantly evolving, thus, we will be updating this post for you to have up-to-date manual and be a winner (at least on the stage of submitting your work).

Good luck!


Anatoliy Mishkin 17.10.2020 - 17:08

Wow! This is very useful – the process is being updated constantly and now we can hope to have an updated manual as well. Thanks!

Anatoliy Mishkin 17.10.2020 - 17:42

Interesting, will the things change when there will be more sub-governance groups?

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