Surf – riding Free TON wave as a boss

by Michael Kabanov

Trust Wallet, MetaMask and other crypto-wallets are well-known to all the crypto geeks out there. Each and every blockchain project wants to be listed at Binance from its early days and, of course, develops its own wallet just to be as cool as all other networks (what is questionable, though). Some wallets are really cool, some are not. Free TON, as we all already know, has decided to walk its own path. 

Surf is not just a crypto-wallet where you can keep your TONS, send and receive them or pay for services that support TON.  Surf is also a messenger which you can use to communicate with other members of the community. Privately and securely.

Surf is available for web, Adnroid and iOS.

It will keep your tokens safe with the seed-phrase which you can use to restore your wallet on a new device or after re-installation of the app. While Surf has other features (it’s a chain explorer also!), the key thing about any crypto-wallet applies to it as well – never keep your seed-phrase in plain view or in a txt file on your desktop. Use a hard copy – paper works ok – and keep it hidden. 

The best way to keep your tokens safe, though, is to memories the seed-phrase but sometimes our memory doesn’t serve us well. Keep that in mind! 

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Michael Kabanov 30.10.2020 - 12:20


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