The prizes to winners of branding communications contests have been delivered

by Michael Kabanov

Free TON community has initiated a series of contests on visual communications with several categories: stickers, animated stickers, mems, GIFs and social media branding. The number of high quality works, submitted by community members, has truly shocked everyone – 65 sticker packs, 28 packs of animated stickers, 66 sets of mems (some are very funny!), 49 sets of GIFs and 37 templates for social media. Wow, that is a blast!

The main idea behind these contests is to collect as many good works as it is possible, thus, chat admins, bloggers and all interested parties will have source images to be used in their posts and articles. It was never so easy to make one’s article shine. Plus, stickers and mems serve as a great tool for word of mouth promotion of the network – people use them because they are funny and look cool promoting Free TON everywhere they go.

You can study the complete list of submitted works and add stickers of your choosing to your Teleram via the following link.

We would like to remind our readers that there are no limitations in ideas for contests – if the community supports the concept, be sure that it will see the light of day. So, gather your thoughts and ideas and march to the corresponding thread of the forum. And don’t forget to check active contests as well – something of interest can be there, who knows – maybe 1st place is waiting for you around the corner.

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