The results of validators’ DePool contests are announced

by Michael Kabanov

That was hell of a ride during the past month – stress-test for hardware and people. 300+ teams have been showing their skills in DePool smart-contracts operating and logistics. Main idea of this contests for validators  was to test the work of core principles of DePool before the wide launch in the mainnet. That was the test for hardware as the devnet experienced tremendous work-loads to see what limitations it has if there are any.

Interesting fact – during Magister Ludi game devnet of Free TON had a work-load that surpasses that work-load of all modern blockchains all together.

But only 200 teams could win (again, out of 300+!). Overall prize fund is 3 013 402 TONs – you can see the table with all winners by the following link.

Our editorial team can now sleep easy and well as after such a thorough test, bug hunting and determination of possible weak places in hardware, future delegators on Free TON can be sure that their crystals will be safe and sound and the depo will grow without any obstructions. Can’t wait to delegate!

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Anatoliy Mishkin 17.10.2020 - 17:40

Can’t wait for staking to arrive – it will be a perfect thing to drive the audience in the project.

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