World of Dogs: who let the dogs out

by Michael Kabanov

On September 28th Free TON announced its new partnership with telegram bot World оf Dogs. The product is been launched less than a year but already has 149K users. Good result for a start-up.

When World оf Dogs (WOD) team wrote a partnership proposal the Free TON community showed some doubts in the necessity of it – how a ‘game for kids’ will help to promote the network? But Vlad and Alexander from WOD told in the AMA session that the core players as browser game lovers who are ready to buy in-game assets for crypto. The audience of the game is mostly men (80%) located in Russia and Ukraine (84 and 12 per cent respectively).

World оf Dogs is pretty far from being a game for kids – it is a multi-level RPG with a bunch of different mechanics. The integration with Free TON will be made on both economic and technical levels. The promotion of Free TON will work by steps, airdrop is the first of them. The players will receive TONs for in-game achievements, completing quests and even posting info about Free TON blockchain on their pages. Another example: Master (in-game character) will tell stories about Free TON and will make tasks for the users on a daily basis. The quest-bot will tell the players how to step-by-step create a wallet or understand the core principals of Free TON. Learn while you play!

By the way, WOD has its own token but it won’t cross paths with TON – all the activities inside the platform are paid with coins while TONs can be spent for buy in-game mechanics or coins. And this is the way how TON becomes a utility token in the project what is a big achievement for the network.

WOD team also plans to build a mechanism of exchanging your tokens into fiat – something similar to Chatex may be? Time will tell.Watch the full version of the AMA here.

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